About ME

As a kid I always had a vision for things.

I would look out the car window and create a story on what I see. I was always energetic & entertaining others with my humor. I used to stay up all night watching Hollywood movies wishing I can go to LA and live the Hollywood dream.

 So at 15 I started making comedic skits, Daily Vlogs & Photography with the help of my brother Ricky Remedy.


Summer 2015,  I took my first trip to Los Angles where I was Inspired to become a Videographer. Ive traveled to many different states and worked on projects with other creative minds such as Southside, 808 Mafia, Diplo, Dormtainment , Weedmaps, Westcoastcure & many more.



In 2016 I put off college to pursue filming full-time. It was the toughest decision I've made but I stuck with it. I believe I can make a career out of something I love and inspire others to do the same. Do what you love and money will come after. Since then this is what has kept me focused. These days, I enjoy creating whatever that comes to mind. It has come to be a great way to express myself. I don't know where my camera will take me but I know it'll lead me to something great.


My goal is to become a director and shoot my own independent film. 

My advice to other creative minds is to be yourself. There is no rules to creativity. Do what you love and inspire others. Never doubt yourself. "No risk , no reward."

                                         - Jeffé Out



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