Who are we?

Who are we?

We are you! All your dreams and ambitions, all those sleepless nights and tireless practices. Every good friendship and bad relationship, every late night conversation and moment of pure unrelenting joy or happiness you've come into contact with. Actually this entire city we've built was for you. From the decorations on the walls and clothes of all the citizens within it to the entrancing music being blasted through every corridor. We just wanted you to know you're not alone. We are not a company or a collective, we are a family that works, lives, and breathes anything creative. All of which is revolved around you. You joined our ranks as soon as you stepped foot into the city, so now it's like you're family too. We did not build these walls for the movers and shakers or the next great icons of this fleeting existential reality.

We built all this for you.

Someway or another we knew you were coming. And on that day we knew we would need your help. You see we want the world to see that it is better to be different, to spread love, peace and wisdom. Do what ever you can and contribute to make our planet a better place to live. The only way to do that though is through you.

(You are our voice)

So scream from the mountaintops, and make yourself known. Let everyone in the city know that you're here, and that this city you've built isn't for the taking. This is every bit of glory we have left. Let them know:

This is our home!

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